Social Media Development and Policy


Social media (SM) and digital marketing is expanding the reach of companies and allowing them to directly engage in conversations with customers and industry leaders. It also comes with risks, especially if the company and employees are not aligned around basic policies.


Key benefits of SM:


  • Creates a forum for near real-time conversations and information 
  • Provides quick links to more in-depth content
  • Helps companies react quickly to both positive and negative publicity
  • Is an affordable brand builder


Companies involved in or considering SM should be aware of:


  • Broadly communicated company SM policies
  • Viral nature of communications
  • Internal resource requirements
  • Monitoring and analysis programs


GeneCom Group has the expertise to help companies get started or improve their SM process and learn how to monitor progress and reap the benefits of a truly integrated marketing and PR plan that includes twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and other networks.