Branding and Strategic Marketing

Strong branding is not only important when establishing a new company or product line. It is also critical when companies need to refresh their image, introduce new products and services, or integrate existing brands during an acquisition or merger. 

GeneCom Group can help you in all stages of branding. Our team has more than 15 years of expertise in corporate and product brand development with companies such as Bio-Rad, Affymetrix, Invitrogen, Mettler Toledo and others.

Our firm has established programs and tools that help guide you through the brand development process, and the experience to create a tailored plan customized for the current state of your brand and target customers. Our consultants and partners routinely manage product pipelines and projects designed to establish or reinvigorate strong brands.

We can also help your teams solve critical marketing challenges with proven strategies, tactics, and project management experience. Our product management experts have led product development teams in both startups and large, global companies. Our commercial marketing skills have been tested in some of the most competitive environments, during both strong and slow economic cycles. 


Our services include:

• New company identity strategies

• Product or company trademarks and logo development

• Channel campaign plans and execution strategies

• Public relations networking and monitoring

• Media plan creation

• Collateral development

• Vanity URL or landing page development

• Social media plans and policies

In addition, we can help your teams:

• Create or improve new product development processes

• Learn to build and integrate company-wide marketing plans

• Launch a program or product smoothly and on time

• Build strong metrics to measure success or make changes

Our consultants and partners have worked in companies that provided outstanding training and leadership programs. More importantly, they know from experience what really works and how to move projects forward in different corporate structures, cultures, and stages of growth.