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Shifting to Greener Fuels - GeneCom Group Co-Authors with Hamilton Robotics and is published in Lab Manager Magazine.

April 7, 2014


Discover how NGS sample prep automation is speeding workflow, GEN article by Hamilton Robotics and GeneCom.

October 15, 2014


Cell Culture Automation: Critical for Cell Therapies and Drug Development. Co-authored by GeneCom in R&D Magazine.

Feb 6, 2014


Speeding UP DNA Analysis. Co-Authored by GeneCom for IntegenX and published in Police Magazine.

Feb 6, 2014



GeneCom delivers clients interview opportunities. Hamilton senior manager Jason March discusses improving environmental lab's competitive edge by using Hamilton's unique technology. 

June 2013


GeneCom co-authors, Pharma Manufacturing article: Deploying Smart Process Sensors Sensibly

August 16, 2013

GeneCom gets clients free press. See example:


GeneCom assists Hamilton Storage with Blog on American Lab's website - "Is Poor Sample Storage Jeopardizing Your Study?"


GeneCom co-authors GEN article: 5 Tips to Help You Get PCR Automation Right. Find out how to make the right decisions for your lab. 


New Genomic STARlet offers up to eight methods for high-quality nucleic acid extraction


GeneCom co-authors, BPI article: Advances in Sensor Technology Improve BioPharma Development 


True to Form, Pittcon Buzzes with Product Introductions - GEN, March, 2013


GEN talks biobanking with Hamilton Storage Technologies 


GeneCom authors by-lined article on The Future of Biobanking, pages 8-10.


Special Lab Equipment supplement issue - Chromatography Techniques, features GeneCom and Hamilton article, spotlighting new rugged reversed-phase HPLC column.


The Buzz at ASHG 2012


Akonni BioSystems moves closer to clinical trials for infectious disease testing


Hamilton wins the cover of January 2013 Lab Equipment Issue - SLAS


Hamilton Microlab 300 Redefines Hand-Held Pipetting


Read our article for Hamilton in LabOutLook: Complex no More


Hamilton New Product Release: Automation to Solve Sample Lysis and DNA Extraction Bottlenecks for Molecular Biology Labs


Hamilton Robotics in Partnership with GE Healthcare Revolutionizes Biological Sample Card Punching


Microlab 600 Semi-automated Diluter/Dispenser is Popular with Forensic Labs


Akonni BioSystems and Hamilton Robotics products used to automatically extract cell-free DNA from maternal plasma


Syringes specifically designed for Neuroscientist studying animal brain function and diseases


Safety in the Lab Through Automation






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